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Managed Ceph

Koor is ready to run your Ceph data storage. We can do everything, from setting up a storage cluster to operations and maintenance. Rely on Ceph and Koor for resilient data storage that suits your needs.

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The Help You Need

What We Mean By Managed Ceph

When you need someone to handle your data storage, sign up with Koor. We will understand your needs and design a Ceph-based storage system to match. Then we will operate your data storage, monitoring the systems, keeping the software up to date, and resolving anomolies before they become real problems.

System Set Up

Koor will help you set up Ceph, including system design, installation, and configuration. We will provision the right mix of block, object and file storage to suit your organizational requirements.

You can run Ceph stand-alone or as part of a Kubernetes environment. Choose between replication and erasure coding. Create a schedule for data scrubbing. We will walk you through these options and more.

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Operations and Maintenance

Koor automates routine maintenance tasks and handles issues as they come up. Koor monitors your Ceph clusters for you using a combination of standard tools and Koor's own Data Control Center. Koor also conducts periodic system assessments to ensure that everything is healthy.

Koor gives your data storage the TLC it needs. Software patches and updates, security protocols, back-ups and restoration, and more.

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Extra Support

Some jobs are beyond the standard offering. Data migration off of proprietary systems, disaster recovery planning, and system upgrades require extra care and handling. Koor can help at times when you need that extra bit of support.

Koor has experience operating personal clusters and clusters at enterprise scale. Whatever your footprint, Koor fits the boot.

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Peace of Mind

Managed Services for Ceph Data Storage

When you decide to take control of your data storage, one open source solution stands above the rest. Ceph was designed to handle block, object and file storage using a common underlying architecture that is built to never lose data, period. Ceph is designed to scale horizontally to handle as much data as you need.

Best of all, Ceph is freely available to operate thanks to a dedicated community of volunteers who maintain it.

On the other hand, Ceph is a complex system that takes time to understand. It is not uncommon to run into trouble getting things set up, or to wonder if you have misconfigured any of the thousands of options.

When you want to use Ceph but need someone to help you get it right, that is the time to contact Koor.

Koor will take care of everything for you and your data: from speccing out and setting up your bare-metal or cloud storage clusters, to day-to-day operations like provisioning, monitoring, and log-aggregation and analysis. Koor watches for and resolves issues as they arise. Koor also takes care of forward-looking system checks, preventive upgrades, and migrations. Anything to help take care of your data.

Koor uses state-of-the-art tools to operate your Ceph cluster, like Prometheus and Grafana.
Grafana dashboard for Ceph cluster
Grafana dashboard for healthy Ceph cluster

Common Service Elements

Data storage experts
Our team is comprised of data storage experts with decades of experience building and supporting bare-metal and cloud-based solutions for enterprise-scale customers.
Standard services
Koor takes care of your Ceph clusters, including:
  • System design and sizing
  • Deployment on premises or in the cloud
  • System assessments and health checks
  • Monitoring, logging, alert management
Tools that make life easier
Koor uses tooling and automation to handle routine tasks.
  • Koor Data Control Center
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
High availability
Koor helps you build highly available systems and take care of monitoring and routine maintenance to ensure that your data are resilient and available.
Rapid response
Koor understands the urgency to recover when things are not working right. We live up to our SLAs.
Secure access
While security is a shared responsibility, we do our part to ensure that your data is safe from outsiders. Plus, we operate your storage without having to see your data.


Reasons to outsource Ceph data storage

Everything comes down to the bottom line. Choosing Ceph minimizes licensing costs, but it comes with additional management burden. That's where Koor can help.

Team of Experts

Have you ever tried to hire a Ceph expert? Or train a generalist to handle Ceph? Instead, you get to rent our expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Our experts collectively have been running Ceph clusters with hundreds of nodes for decades.


Getting Ceph running is just the start. How do you know you are making the most of your data storage? How do you know where you could optimize and what the trade-offs would be? Koor has the experience you may be lacking.


When we say we will run your data storage, we mean it. We know how to ensure that things continue to operate effectively and that anomalies are detected and correct long before they turn into problems. We stand behind that.