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Koor Technologies, Inc.

Koor does managed Ceph

Control your data storage costs with open-source Ceph. When you need data resiliency for terabyte and petabyte scale data, Ceph is a great solution.

Although great for data resiliency, scaling and flexibility, Ceph can be tricky to set up and operate correctly. That's where Koor steps in to help you with dedicated Ceph expertise.

Whether you need stand-alone Ceph or Rook Ceph for Kubernetes, Koor will get you started and keep things running smoothly.

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Rook Ceph Expertise

Everything you need for your data storage

Koor offers solutions to help you with Ceph data storage. Choose the service that matches your needs, from on premise to cloud. Start small and scale up quickly, or go right to multi-geo, petabyte scale clusters.

Managed Ceph

Get dedicated support for Ceph and Rook Ceph data storage. Consulting is available for shorter engagements.

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Starter Cluster

Try Rook Ceph on a small cluster that Koor provisions. Easy way to start and learn. Pay as you go.

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Data Migration

Need to escape a high-cost vendor. Koor will help you migrate to a Managed Ceph solution.

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A Trusted Partner

See what customers say about Koor

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“Koor provided us brilliant support to help configure our Kubernetes environment with Rook Ceph. The team demonstrated knowledge about Kubernetes, Rook, Ceph, and a lot of other topics to suggest smart solutions for our environment.”

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Y Meadows

“Koor's advice and expertise have helped Y Meadows improve the performance and availability of our Rook Ceph storage cluster in Kubernetes. We choose Koor for their deep expertise in the field, and they have been a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them!”

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Data Control Plane

Software Managed Data Storage

The data control plane extends beyond Ceph storage clusters. Use the Koor Data Control Center to ensure that configuration settings are optimized for your needs and to keep an eye on the environment that connects your data to your applications.

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Security controls.
User authentication and RBAC authorization.
System dashboard.
Quickly assess the health of your system.
Cluster status.
See details about your storage clusters.
Configuration updates.
Use controls to adjust configuration.
Network analysis.
See if the network is causing problems with data access.
Context-aware recommendations.
Get ideas for improving system performance backed by experience.

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Still not sure what solution is right for your situation? Let's schedule a time to talk about your needs. We would be happy to guide you to a data storage solution that works.