Prepare for Container Storage

Cloud-Native Storage for Kubernetes Containers

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Free your team’s time to focus on building new applications

We make storage as simple as deploying your applications to Kubernetes. Our storage expertise is bundled in the Koor Storage Distribution!

Scalable Storage for Kubernetes

Koor makes it easier to deploy and manage storage for containers on top of your Kubernetes platforms. On bare metal or virtual machines, in your own data center or one of the many cloud providers, we can help with the Koor Storage Distribution.

More Automation

We use the Kubernetes native “Operator” pattern to reduce the amount of manual interactions to a minimum. Less time spent on mundane tasks blocking your team from focusing on new projects and other more important tasks. Learn more about the operator pattern.

Storage Insights

Get advanced metrics that tell you which applications are consuming how much storage. Koor Storage Distribution makes sure your applications don’t exceed quotas and limits.

Reduce Costs

Lower your storage costs using our improved Storage Insights to find the application using too much storage and get storage consumption under control.

Storage as a Service

Developers can consume storage with ease through Kubernetes native methods. No need to open tickets to get a new storage volume provisioned for a new application or project.

Reduce Risks

Reduce risks of running and maintaining your storage clusters by having our expert support standing by to help with any questions or issues that may arise. With our knowledge and expertise we can help you from the architecture to running and maintaining storage cluster.

Scalable Storage

Scale your storage as needed. Be it for a development or production environment, from a few Gigabytes to Petabytes. Hyper-scale or hyper-converged storage clusters? We got you covered to run the optimal cluster for your use cases.

Our core pillars:
Community and Expertise


Rook & Ceph Experts

We are experts at Rook and Ceph, through our combined years of experience. Ready to help with any questions and issues.


Koor Storage Distribution

Developing features based on our customers and the communities pain points, to make storage easier to run and consume than ever.

Easy to set up and use

Just a few steps to get a basic Koor Storage Distribution cluster setup running. Not convinced? Here’s the basic Container Storage installation steps:

Forget about storage worries!

Our experts can help you with any storage questions and issues. Thanks to our global storage expert team! We provide you support for your existing Rook Ceph clusters while we work out a plan to get you running on the Koor Storage Distribution.

Getting you started from architecture, deployment over to operations, we can help with our expertise and knowledge.

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