Vision / Development Roadmap

Disclaimer: Our development roadmap is subject to change, do not base your purchase on this.


Backup and Restore: Exploration - Phase 1

  • Status: In Progress
  • Estimated Availability: End of December 2022
  • Aspect: Reduce Risks

We want to make sure that the Koor Storage Distribution is working with most existing backup and restore products and projects available. This also includes the initial review and architecture of our own optimized Backup and Restore system for Koor Storage Distribution that we are going to fully focus on in Phase 2 of this feature.

We are going to provide a list of recommended backup and restore solutions to ensure they are working with Koor.

Easy Ceph Dashboard SSO Setup - Phase 2

  • Status: In Progress
  • Estimated Availability: End of January 2023
  • Aspect: More Automation

Based on the work done in Easy Ceph Dashboard SSO Setup - Phase 1, we are adding a Kubernetes native way to configure the Ceph Dashboard SSO through the use of a new or existing Custom Resource Definition (CRD). This allows users to use their existing deployment tooling (e.g., GitOps) to enable and manage the SSO configuration instead of having to resort to manual interaction with the cluster.

Easy Cluster Installation and Management

  • Status: In Progress
  • Estimated Availability: End of January 2023
  • Aspect: Core and More Automation

Reduce the number of steps it takes to deploy a Storage cluster using the Koor Storage Distribution, through more automated configuration and streamlined management.


First Long-Term Supported Stable Version of the Koor Storage Distribution

  • Status: Planning
  • Estimated Availability: Middle of March 2023
  • Aspect: Core and Reduce Risks

We still need to iron out the details for a long-term supported version at this moment (e.g., time span, how to handle code improvements). We are going to talk with the Rook community to ensure that we are in sync or even overlapping with the communities and our plans.

Easier Cluster Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Status: Planning
  • Estimated Availability: End of February 2023
  • Aspect: Core and Storage Insights

We want to improve management of the storage cluster in case of problems. Making it easier to troubleshoot performance and other issues. We are working on adding easier ways to access Ceph cluster internals and exposing them in a safe way. Using Rook-Ceph storage as a Krew plugin is one key aspect of this project.

This goes hand in hand with other points on this list to improve the general experience of management and troubleshooting a storage cluster.

Automated Disaster Recovery Solution

We want to offer more automation around the whole disaster recovery (DR) process. Besides our efforts to provide an easy backup and restore system, this will make it easier to “recover clusters in-place”. We are working on improving the Rook’s Krew plugin to allow the automated recovery with ease.

E.g., allowing the automation of recovering the Ceph cluster state from the Ceph OSDs.

Backup and Restore - Phase 2

  • Status: Planning
  • Estimated Availability: End of January 2023
  • Aspect: Reduce Risks

Our own simple but effective solution to take backups and restore them (initial approach 3-4 weeks, more flexible/dynamic backups in other environments over longer time)

Optimized Topology Handling and Management

Improvements to the operator logic in handling cluster node changes (e.g. removal/ addition of new storage nodes).

This will make it easier to handle new and the removal of nodes. This feature will be built with regions, availability zones/ fire sections in mind. The better integration and documentation around this topic should improve storage availability in your environments. In addition, we aim to improve the managebility of a cluster in static and dynamic environments. We are actively working on design documents with the Rook community to improve the multi regions/ zones Ceph cluster availability.

Automated Cluster Optimization Recommender

Our operator will keep an eye on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the storage cluster and make recommendations. In the future certain recommendations make even be automatically applied if the risk of it is low enough.

Local Storage Management

  • Status: Planning
  • Estimated Availability: End of March 2023
  • Aspect: Core and Reduce Risks

We are looking into providing a means to manage local storage for a Koor Storage Distribution cluster and other use cases. We plan to phase out non-PersistentVolumeClaim storage for the components in Koor Storage Distribution and Rook to make even better use of the Kubernetes abstraction layer.

Reliability Assurance

  • Status: Planning
  • Estimated Availability: Middle of March 2023
  • Aspect: Core and Reduce Risks

Creating an advanced testing framework to run automated workload tests on our supported platforms with ease.

Client Quality of Service

  • Status: Planning
  • Estimated Availability: Start of April 2023
  • Aspect: Core and Reduce Risks

Automatic system to prevent one client to “crash” a cluster, but allow bursting if resources are available. E.g., GitHub ceph/ceph-csi - librbd QoS settings for RBD based PVs Issue #521.


Easy Ceph Dashboard SSO Setup - Phase 1

  • Status: Completed
  • Available since: Middle of August 2022
  • Aspect: More Automation

We are going to provide re-built Ceph images that include the necessary libraries for SSO (OAuth2, OpenID, etc.). The Ceph images are updated “in sync” with every new Ceph path release automatically.

Improved Cluster Monitoring

We will create a new Prometheus metrics exporter project. The exporter will be build modular to make it easy to expand it in the future. The initial module created for the exporter will gather metrics about object storage usage/ quotas. This is to improve visibility into application’s object storage usage. For every metrics module, we will look into updating existing and/ or creating new Grafana dashboards for visualization of these metrics.

More information about the exporter can be found here: Better Insights: Extended Ceph Exporter for your Ceph Clusters - Koor Blog.

Basic Setup: Naming and building on the Rook codebase

  • Status: Completed
  • Available since: Middle of August 2022
  • Aspect: Core

This is about getting all CI workflows running (e.g., testing, building and release flows). We are working on first initial code optimization during this time.

Scalable Storage for Kubernetes

Koor makes it easier to deploy and manage storage for containers on top of your Kubernetes platforms. On bare metal or virtual machines, in your own data center or one of the many cloud providers, we can help with the Koor Storage Distribution.

More Automation

We use the Kubernetes native “Operator” pattern to reduce the amount of manual interactions to a minimum. Less time spent on mundane tasks blocking your team from focusing on new projects and other more important tasks. Learn more about the operator pattern.

Storage Insights

Get advanced metrics that tell you which applications are consuming how much storage. Koor Storage Distribution makes sure your applications don’t exceed quotas and limits.

Reduce Costs

Lower your storage costs using our improved Storage Insights to find the application using too much storage and get storage consumption under control.

Storage as a Service

Developers can consume storage with ease through Kubernetes native methods. No need to open tickets to get a new storage volume provisioned for a new application or project.

Reduce Risks

Reduce risks of running and maintaining your storage clusters by having our expert support standing by to help with any questions or issues that may arise. With our knowledge and expertise we can help you from the architecture to running and maintaining storage cluster.

Scalable Storage

Scale your storage as needed. Be it for a development or production environment, from a few Gigabytes to Petabytes. Hyper-scale or hyper-converged storage clusters? We got you covered to run the optimal cluster for your use cases.