Koor’s Mission

Koor’s Mission

This is our mission, vision and approach for our customers and the work at Koor Technologies, Inc.

Our Mission

We want to empower our customers to reach their peak using our experience, knowledge and skills in the storage area. We have built our experience through years of projects at small to enterprise sized customers.

In addition to our project work, we are contributing to open source projects, especially those for storage (e.g., Rook Ceph).

Through our combined experience, knowledge and skills we can help our customers with:

  • Creating a storage architecture based on the needs of current and future workloads
  • Setting up and Installing Rook Ceph and the Koor Storage Distribution in cloud or bare metal environments
  • Maintaining and Migrating existing storage setups that use Rook Ceph

Even if Rook Ceph and the Koor Storage Distribution aren’t the right way for you, we are still going to use our experiences and knowledge in the storage field to find alternatives for your use cases.

We are actively contributing and strenghtening the open source projects, which our customers and us utilize and use.

Our Vision

We are going to make it easy to run container-based storage on any Kubernetes API compatible platform out there. To achieve this we are using Rook and Ceph projects.

The Koor Storage Distribution is our goal in this vision, as it will be easy to setup, consume and maintain storage for your mainly container-based workloads.

It shouldn’t matter if you are in a cloud environment with virtual machines or on bare metal.

We want to make the (storage) admin’s life easier.

Together as a team, we want to use the whole potential, and make use of the flexibility of our remote first work environment.

Our Approach

Our approach is to extensively share documentation and knowledge between our customers, the communities and ourselves. We do this to reduce issues for everyone when setting up, running, maintaing and upgrading storage systems. While working on the Koor Storage Distribution, we are going to stay close to the “upstream” projects and only differentiate in the features we are offering.

Everyone is working remotely at Koor Technologies, Inc. We are leveraging remote work by using collaborative tools, which allows us to work asynchronously from each other. As in the end, time zones shouldn’t matter for our joint work.

Are you getting interested and want to talk about our mission, vision and approach at Koor Technologies, Inc.? Feel free to reach out to me, Alexander, Founding Engineer at Koor Technologies, Inc. You can reach me via LinkedIn and Email.

Alexander Trost April 02, 2022