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Koor Storage Distribution

Our storage distribution based closely on Rook, which makes your operations life easier.

Cloud Ready

We can help with Rook in the Cloud but also on bare metal clusters.

Hard drives? SSDs? NVMe?

No matter the disks, we can help you run Rook Ceph optimally.

New to Rook?

Let’s work together to find the right way for you to utilize Rook in your projects.

Backups and 2nd Operations?

We can help you find the optimal backup strategy for your Rook clusters.

Rook Development

We are constantly working on Rook to improve it for our customers and the world.

One Simple Plan

Have our experts available to support your Rook Ceph installations with one simple Plan.


Storage NodeĀ¹ / Month (billed annually)


  • Support Availability 8x5
  • Koor Distribution*
  • Improved Cluster Monitoring*
  • Easier Ceph Dashboard SSO Setup*
  • Optimized Cluster Topology Handling*
  • Set Up / Installation Additional (Contact Us For Details)

* Coming soon


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