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We are experts at Rook and Ceph, through our combined years of experience. Ready to help with any questions and issues.


Koor Storage Distribution

Developing features based on our customers and the communities pain points, to make storage easier to run and consume than ever.

How can we help?

Access to Koor Storage Distribution and to our expert support for your Rook Ceph installations with one simple Plan.

Koor Storage Distribution

Storage NodeĀ¹ / Month (billed annually)


  • 8-to-5 Support
  • Improved Cluster Monitoring*
  • Easier Ceph Dashboard SSO Setup*
  • Optimized Cluster Topology Handling*
  • Development Roadmap

*Coming soon


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have other questions, feel free to reach out to us using our support chat or our contact us page.

Can we help with the architecture and installation of Rook Ceph?

Yes, we are happy to help setting up Rook Ceph in your environments with your team.

Which Rook Ceph Versions are supported?

We can help with all Rook Ceph versions starting from 1.4.x to the latest.

What Defines as a "Storage Node"?

A Storage Node refers to a Kubernetes compatible Node running Storage Components (e.g., Ceph MON, MGR, OSD, RGW).

Is there a minimum of Storage Nodes?

You should have at the very minimum 4 Storage Nodes. You shouldn’t run with less, preferably 5 or more Storage Nodes.

Do development/ test/ quality assurance clusters need to be licensed?

No, development and test cluster environments are included.

What Kubernetes versions are supported?

The minimum Kubernetes version required is 1.17.x. Other Kubernetes-based distributions, such as OpenShift and Rancher are supported. Click here for a full list of supported Kubernetes versions and distributions.

What Channels are used for Support?

Access to our service desk will be provided, though we will also use your meeting tool of choice to make it easier and faster to look into your questions and issues together in some cases.

What time is the support available at?

Support time is Monday to Friday, from 09:30am CET (02:30am CT) to 10:30pm CET (03:30pm CT). For more information, see our Support Information page.

What ticket priorities are there?

Our ticket priorities are Low, Normal, High and Urgent. For more information, see our Support Information page.

What are the response times for tickets?

The ticket response times are based on the ticket priority.
Low: up to 20h | Normal: up to 12h
High: up to 5h | Urgent: up to 2h
Response times are in working time. For more information, see our Support Information page.