Introducing our new CTO, Dave Mount

Introducing our new CTO, Dave Mount

Koor Technologies is happy to welcome Dave Mount as our new CTO. Dave is a seasoned executive with broad experience in information systems. He is excited about the idea of helping customers manage massive amounts of data.

Dave explains what piques his interest in Koor.

The amount of data produced by companies and research organizations is staggering. Think of the latest in AI technology, or what happens at a particle collider. Consider the genetic code and the search for cures to disorders. In these and other cases, capturing and preserving all of that data pushes the boundaries on data storage and management technology.

For most people, data is somewhat invisible. Like having electricity or clean running water. We notice when there’s a problem, but for the most part, we are simply used to having it whenever and wherever we want.

Someone is behind the scenes, making it all work. For data, it’s network and storage engineers, the unsung heroes of data. Koor is here to help these champions of data keep it flowing and keep it safe.

Coming into focus

Dave is beginning to form a vision for the future of Koor, including its impact on the Rook and Ceph open source community. Dave shares his initial thoughts.

Part of our mission should be to help more people discover Rook and Ceph as a solution to their data management challenges. To do that, people need an easy way to get started. The community has done some nice work in this regard, and there is more we can do to help.

In addition, we want to improve ease of operation. We can offer tools that extend Rook and that make things easier when you have to make adjustments under the hood, so to speak.

As CTO, Dave is looking forward to developing Koor’s product offerings to provide the best enterprise-grade Rook solutions. He would love to connect and hear about your experience with Rook. Reach out to Dave at [email protected].

About Koor

Koor’s work is based on Rook, which is an open source project for managing persistent data stores in Kubernetes clusters. Rook manages underlying Ceph data clusters. Koor contributes to the Rook and Ceph open source community and provides extensions and tools that enhance Rook.

The Koor team is available for help and advice. Koor offers a 20-hour Ceph cluster assessment to identify issues and recommend improvements to your large-scale data storage configuration. Contact information is here.

Koor May 09, 2023