Stroopwafels, Canal Cruise, and Cloud Storage!

This time Cephalocon was colocated with Kubecon 2023 in Amsterdam, as both being Linux Foundation Conferences, both had lots of exciting talks and discussions!

Cephalocon Stroopwafel Kubecon

Koor at Cephalocon!

Sponsor Cephalocon

It was great meeting all the people from the community and contributing to discussions and improvements that we can do in Rook Ceph.

We also talked about Enhancing Observability in Rook Ceph. We talked about how you can enable Opentelemetry tracing in the forthcoming Rook releases and how it can help you understand Ceph better. You can check out the talk here.

Ceph RGW Jaeger Tracing Screenshot

There were a lot of talks highlighting how Ceph becomes easier, user friendly and robust way when deployed with Rook.

We picked some of Rook Ceph talks that you can checkout from Cephalocon for you.

Did you drop by the Koor booth?

Koor was the startup sponsor for Cephalocon! We were happy to connect with Ceph Community and learn more from users, educate them about Rook Ceph and get to understand their perspective more from their feedback.

We got to hear exciting usecases, and queries Ceph folks about how they currently use Ceph; what is Rook? How can they get started with Rook and Koor and lots more…

Koor Team + Koor booth

Thanks for dropping by with lots of curiosity, and great suggestions folks!

Rook at Kubecon

We had a Rook Booth in the project pavilion made for CNCF projects, lots of Rook and Ceph users dropped by and shared interesting ways in which Rook Ceph is supporting their data storage.

It was interesting to see how people used it at work and for personal use and were happy Ceph users!

Ceph Pacific Release stickers

We also had a maintainer panel discussion on Rook, which went houseful! Around 640 people registered for the panel discussion. If you want to learn more about what Rook is, Why Rook, and How to get started with using Rook, feel free to check the talk here.

Rook Ceph Kubecon talk on Opentelemetry Tracing

Besides these, there were lots of exciting talks, keynotes and discussions happening all around, one of which was about using Kepler with Rook Ceph to estimate the energy footprints of Ceph processes using Opentelemetry Tracing, which can be helpful in improving Ceph’s energy efficiency in future, check out the talk here.

We got a lot of beginner-friendly questions like “Why Ceph Storage?” as well as advanced use cases of “how to migrate existing Ceph clusters to Rook?” and a lot more!

will rook be your next move

If you missed attending Cephalocon and Kubecon but still want to know more about Rook Ceph and open-source cloud storage, you can still reach out to us at [email protected] or talk to us at the Koor Office Hours we’d be happy to help!

Deepika Upadhyay April 28, 2023