Troubleshooting Rook Ceph cluster talk at Ceph Virtual event 2022

Troubleshooting Rook Ceph cluster talk at Ceph Virtual event 2022

Sometimes troubleshooting a Rook Ceph cluster can be a little challenging and tricky especially if there’s less knowledge about what’s happening with the underlying Ceph storage environment. With the recent advent of kubectl-rook-ceph krew plugin, debugging has become much more easier in kubernetes environment. In the talk, we discuss about some failure scenarios and how users can troubleshoot them.

What is kubectl-rook-ceph krew plugin?

There are over 200 kubectl plugins available on krew. kubectl-rook-ceph is one of the plugins which provides common management and troubleshooting tools for the Rook Ceph storage provdier.

With some basic Ceph knowledge, it helps users troubleshoot their Rook Ceph cluster in a user friendly manner. The goal is to make troubleshooting simpler.

What we discussed?

We discussed one of the major failure scenarios like MONs losing quorum, and how you can easily recover from it using the krew plugin. Further we talked about the current features that the kubectl-rook-ceph krew plugin currently supports and the future work currently planned for the same.

We also discussed about some common CSI client failures and Performance profiling for a Ceph process in a Rook Ceph cluster.


Check out the slides here. Here’s the video recording of the talk which was presented at Ceph Virtual summit 2022.

If you’re facing any issues regarding your cluster, feel free to join and reach out to us on Community Slack group or Contact us.

If you have any feedback please feel free to open an issue on the kubectl-rook-ceph Github project.

Gaurav Sitlani November 23, 2022