About Us

We support Open Source by contributing back to the Communities.

We provide support for Rook and are working to make it easier than ever to deploy Rook as a simple to use distribution to your Kubernetes clusters. We can help with your first steps setting up and using Rook, getting your Rook Storage integrated into your workflows and providing assistance for existing Rook clusters.

The Koor Storage Distribution is our way to make Rook Ceph available to customers all around the world to easily consume storage for their containerized applications.

Read more about our mission, vision and approach here on our blog.

Our Mission

Help our customers succeed in utilizing Rook as their Storage layer in their environments.

Our Vision

We want to make deploying, using and maintaining Rook installations as easy, quick and safe as possible.

Our Approach

Our approach is to stay as close as possible to the Rook project, but wherever it makes sense to add on top of it.

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