About Us

We are Koor Technologies, Inc.

We’ve created the Koor Storage Distribution to make it easier than ever to deploy and run storage for your containerized applications in your Kubernetes clusters. We help you get started with Rook and Ceph, design an optimal storage cluster architecture, and help you keep your storage clusters running.

The Koor Storage Distribution is our way to make Rook Ceph available to customers worldwide. We package our proven expertise into a production-ready package. Working hand in hand with the open source communities as contributors, ambassadors, and maintainers and feedback from our customers gives us the knowledge and insights to build great features.

Want to read more about our mission, vision and approach at Koor Technologies, Inc.? Check out our Koor Mission statement on our blog.

Our Mission

Empowering our customers to succeed in running and consuming their storage optimally.

Our Vision

Building upon and being open source to deliver a great product, to enable our customers to go above and beyond.

Our Approach

Our approach is stay in direct contact with our customers and the open source communities.

Want to work with us?

We are always looking for new people to help us work on the Koor Storage Distribution with new perspectives and ideas.

Be sure to checkout our career page for open positions.

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